ETP-EXPRESS has only one screw for pressurising, it is therefore suitable when there is a need for the repositioning of the hub fast and accurate. The screw is tightened in the radial direction, this means no space is used along the shaft for mounting tools. Other components can be mounted on the shaft all the way up to the flange. ETP-EXPRESS has extremely small built-in dimensions. CONSTRUCTION ETP-EXPRESS consists of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve filled with a pressure medium and a flange. The flange part contains a screw and piston with seals to maintain pressure. OPERATION When the pressure screw is tightened the double-walled sleeve expands uniformly against shaft and hub and creates a rigid joint. Dismantling is done by loosening the screw. ETP-EXPRESS returns to its original dimensions and can easily be dismantled. FEATURES & BENEFITS Extremely fast mounting/dismantling with only ONE screw. Radial tightening of the screw saves space along the shaft. Extremely small built-in dimensions. Accurate positioning, no axial movement when mounting. Good concentricity, also after several mountings.

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