Rigid Compression Couplings For tough applications where strength and affordability are important, the design of rigid compression couplings is well suited Lovejoy cast steel couplings are an excellent choice for joining two shafts of the same size This type of coupling is also known as a “rigid clamp style” coupling. When you want the strength of a rigid coupling at cast iron prices, choose Lovejoy rigid compression couplings. The design of our rigid compression couplings make them well suited for the toughest applications. Rigid compression couplings give you greater reliability than similarly priced cast iron couplings. These compression couplings are made from cast steel and powder-coated to resist corrosion. Easy to install and remove, they provide a strong, durable connection between two shafts of the same size. Popular for use in these industries: Steel Paper Food Wastewater Transportation Lumber Mining Construction APPLICATIONS: Conveyors, Motors, Line Shafts, and Rigid Shaft Connections Available in standard sizes for shafts 1 7/16” through 5”.

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