Locking  China  in   Penza Russian Federation   drum gear coupling  price  Set  in   Dakar Senegal   falk 1035g20  near me  Bk11, Rck11, Klee, Tlk400, Bikon 1021 with top quality lowest price

We – EPG Team the biggest couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 diverse branches. For far more specifics: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828 /

EPT Keyless Locking Units are utilized in rotating machinery&comma producing clamping stress in between area of locking device and shaft to generate adjustable and releasable mechanical connection&comma so as to clamp gears&comma pulleys and other parts to a shaft without having threads or keys
Raw components accessible in&colon
l   Metal C45E&comma
l   Steel 42CrMo4V
l   Stainless Metal AISI431&comma
l  Stainless Steel AISI304
one&period of time Link hubs solidly to shafts
two&time period Straightforward installation and disassembly
3&period of time High torque transmission
four&interval Lengthy lifetime and simple upkeep
5&period Low notching influence
6&period of time Reduction of wear and tear of costly equipment components
EPT Machinery provides kinds of Keyless Locking Products&comma which are interchangeable with many European and American manufacturers&period Large high quality usually will come the first&time period

EPT Keyless Locking Gadget KLD-1 Medium torque&comma not self-centering&comma Medium surface pressures&comma No axial hub movement&comma adaptable use&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&semi socket head locking screw DIN912-12&period9&interval The most well-liked variety of all KLD Locking System&comma Gear Wheel Connection&semi the slotted style of the double tapered rings permits comparatively high mounting tolerance&comma The massive taper angles are not self-locking and aid the release of the relationship&interval

KLD-1 Interchange with Z2&commaBIKON 4000&commaBEA BK40&commaBONFIX CCE2000&commaChallenge 01&commaChiaravalli RCK40&commaCONEX  A&comma Fenlock FLK200&commaITALBLOCK CN210&commaKTR100&commaKINLOK LOK30&commaKBS40&commaKANA 200&commaMAV 2005&commaPOGGI CAL-A&commaRFN7012&commaRingspann RLK200&commaRingblok 1120&commaSIT one&commaSATI KLGG&commaTOLLOK TLK200&commaTsubaki AS&commaTAS3571&commaV-Blok VK400&commaWalther Flender MLC one thousand&commaFenner Push B-Loc B400&commaLoveJoy SLD1500&comma SKF FX10&commaOKBS40&commaDRIVELOCK40  

EPT Keyless Locking Assembly KLD-2 Medium torque&comma self-centering&comma modest cross segment&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&semi Socket head locking screw DIN912-12&period9
Self-centering with superb concentricity&semi the small outer diameter is room-conserving and suitable for tiny wheel diameters&semi the spacer ring among the outer flange and the hub maintains the fitting position in the axial course to empower exact positioning without a shaft collar&semi the push-off threads in the outer flanges are utilised for dismantling&interval
KLD-2 Interchange with Z11&commaBIKON 8000&commaBEA BK80&commaBONFIX CCE1000&commaChallenge 02&commaChiaravalli RCK80&commaCONEX  B&comma7110 ECOLOC&comma Fenlock FLK110&commaGERWAH PSV2571&period1&commaITALBLOCK CN55&commaKTR250&commaKINLOK LOK10&commaKBS80&commaMAV 5061&commaPOGGI CAL-B&commaRFN7110&commaRingspann RLK110&commaRingblok 1100&commaSIT 3&commaSATI KLCC&commaTOLLOK TLK110&commaTsubaki TF&commaV-Blok VB800B&commaWalther Flender MLC3000&commaFenner Push B-Loc B800&commaLoveJoy SLD1900&commaSKF FX20&commaOKBS80&commaDRIVELOCK80

EPT Locking Elements KLD-3
Lower torque&comma Medium floor pressure&comma Taper rings only&comma Low axial and radial dimensions
This clamping set is self-centering with excellent concentricity&time period The very tiny outer diameter is room-preserving and suitable for modest wheel diameters&time period The spacer ring between the outer flange and the hub maintains the fitting situation in the axial direction to allow specific positioning with out a shaft collar&period The thrust-off threads in the outer flanges are utilized for dismantling&period of time
 KLD-3 Interchange with Z1&commaBIKON 5000&commaBEA BK50&commaBONFIX CCE3000&commaChallenge 03 Chiaravalli RCK50&commaCONEX  C&commaFenlock FLK300&commaITALBLOCK CN31&commaKRT150&commaKINLOK LOK80&commaKBS50&commaKANA 300&commaMAV 3003&commaPOGGI CAL-C&commaRFN8006&commaRingspann RLK300&commaRingblok 1060&commaSIT two&commaSATI KLNN&commaTOLLOK TLK300&commaTsubaki EL&comma &commaWalther Flender MLC 2000&commaFenner Drive B-Loc B112&commaLoveJoy SLD350&commaSKF FX30&commaOKBS50&commaDRIVELOCK50
EPT Mechanical Locking Unit KLD-4
Large torque&comma self-centering&comma medium surface force&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&semi socket head Locking screw DIN912-twelve&period9
KLD-4 Interchange with Z3&commaBIKON 7000A&commaBEA BK70&commaBONFIX CCE4000&commaChallenge 04&commaChiaravalli RCK70&commaCONEX  D&comma7004 ECOLOC&comma Fenlock FLK130&commaGERWAH PSV2007&commaITALBLOCK CN54&solN&commaKTR200&commaKINLOK LOK20A&commaKBS70&commaMAV 6901&commaPOGGI CAL-D&commaRFN7013&period0&commaRingspann RLK130&commaRingblok 1300&period1&commaSIT 5A&commaSATI KLDA&commaTOLLOK TLK130&commaV-Blok VK700&commaSKF FX40&commaOKBS70&commaDRIVELOCK70
EPT Shaft Hub Link KLD-5
Medium torque&comma decreased duration&comma medium self-centering&comma High floor strain&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&semi socket head Locking screw DIN912-12&period9
Appropriate for narrow&comma disk-shaped wheel hubs&time period Self-centering and self-locking in the clamping state&period of time
KLD-5 Interchange with Z3B&commaBIKON 1003&commaBEA BK13&commaBONFIX CCE4100&commaChallenge 05&commaChiaravalli RCK13&commaCONEX  DS&comma7003 ECOLOC&comma Fenlock FLK132&commaGERWAH PSV2006&commaKTR203&commaKBS13&commaKANA 201&commaMAV 1062&commaPOGGI CAL-DS&commaRFN7013&period0&comma Ringspann RLK132&commaRingblok 1710&commaSIT 6&commaSATI KLAA&commaTOLLOK TLK132&commaTAS3003&comma       V-Blok VK160&commaWalther Flender MLC 5006&commaLoveJoy SLD1750&commaSKF FX41&comma OKBS13&comma DRIVELOCK13&interval
EPT Shaft Locking Unit KLD-six
Medium torque&comma self-centering&comma Lower surface stress&comma No axial hub movement&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&semi socket head Locking screw DIN912-twelve&period9
 KLD-6 Interchange with Z13&commaBIKON 7000B&commaBEA BK71&commaBONFIX CCE4500&commaChallenge 06&commaChiaravalli RCK71&commaCONEX  E&comma7007 ECOLOC&comma Fenlock FLK131&commaGERWAH PSV2007&period3&commaITALBLOCK CN54&solS&commaKTR201&commaKINLOK LOK20B&commaKBS71&commaMAV 6902&commaPOGGI CAL-E&commaRFN7013&period1&commaRingspann RLK131&commaRingblok 1300&period2&commaSIT 5B&commaSATI KLDB&commaTOLLOK TLK131&commaTsubaki KE&commaV-Blok VK700&period1&commaWalther Flender MLC5000B&commaSKF FX50&commaOKBS71&commaDRIVELOCK71
EPT Clamping Electricity Lock KLD-7
Medium torque&comma diminished duration&comma Large surface area stress&comma No axial hub motion&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&semi socket head Locking screw DIN912-12&period9&semi Simultaneous Relationship of Chain Sprocket
 KLD-7 Interchange with Z8&commaBIKON 1006&commaBEA BK16&commaBONFIX CCE4600&commaChallenge 07&commaChiaravalli RCK16&commaCONEX  ES&comma7006 ECOLOC&commaFenlock FLK133&commaGERWAH PSV2006&period3&commaITALBLOCK CN9&sol4&commaKTR206&commaKBS16&commaKANA 201&commaMAV 1061&commaPOGGI CAL-ES&commaRFN7013&period1&commaRingspann RLK133&commaRingblok 1720&commaSATI KLAB&commaTOLLOK TLK133&commaTsubaki AE&commaTAS3006&commaV-Blok VK130&commaWalther Flender MLC 5007&commaLoveJoy SLD1750&commaSKF FX51&commaOKBS16&commaDRIVELOCK16
EPT Shrink Disc KLD-14
Substantial torque&comma No axial hub movement&comma Large speed software&comma favored remedy for coupling hub and hollow shaft gearbox&comma DIN931-ten&period9 screw&semi Intelligent-Lock Shrink Disc&comma Slender Hub Relationship for sprockets&comma join hollow and sound shafts frictionally and backlash-free of charge&period
KLD-14 Interchange with Z7B&commaBEA BK19&commaBONFIX CCE8000&commaChallenge fourteen&commaChiaravalli RCK19&commaCONEX  SD&comma Fenlock FLK603&comma &commaKTR603&commaKBS19&commaMAV 2008&commaRFN4071&commaRingspann RLK603&commaRingblok 2200&commaSATI KLDD&commaTOLLOK TLK603&comma Tsubaki SL&comma &commaWalther Flender MLC 9050&commaFenner Generate B-Loc SD10&commaLoveJoy SLD900&commaSKF FX190&commaOKBS19&commaDRIVELOCK19
EPT Locking Assembly KLD-fifteen
Large torque&comma self-centering&comma Lower-medium surface stress&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&semi socket head Locking screw DIN912-12&period9
KLD-15 Interchange with BEA BK15&comma Problem fifteen&commaChiaravalli RCK15&commaCONEX  EP&comma Fenlock FLK134&commaKBS15 &commaMAV 3061&commaRingspann RLK134&commaSATI KLBB&commaTOLLOK TLK134&comma &commaSKF FX52&commaDRIVELOCK15
EPT Locking Bushes KLD-sixteen
Medium torque&comma Reduced size&comma Medium self-centering&comma Large surface area force&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&semi socket head Locking screw DIN912-12&period9
 KLD-16 Interchange with BONFIX CCE4900&commaChallenge sixteen&commaCONEX  L&commaKTR225&commaKBS52&commaSATI KLHH&comma&commaSKF FX120
EPT Ball Bearing Adapter Sleeve KLD-seventeen
Lower torque&comma Limited Size&comma Not self-centering&comma Reduced floor strain&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8 
 KLD-17 Interchange with BEA BK25&comma Obstacle seventeen&comma KBS51&comma SATI KLFC&comma&commaSKF FX80
EPT Bearing Adapter Sleeve  KLD-seventeen&period1
Lower-medium torque&comma self-centering&comma reduced surface force&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8
KLD-17&period1 Interchange with Z19B&comma BEA BK26&commaChallenge 21&commaChiaravalli RCK55&comma Fenlock FLK250&commaKTR125&commaKBS55&comma POGGI CAL-L&commaRingspann RLK250&commaRingblok 1500&comma SATI KLFF&commaTOLLOK TLK250
EPT Shaft Clamping Collar KLD-18
Minimal-medium torque&comma Quick Size&comma self-centering&comma minimal floor pressure&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&comma socket head Locking screw DIN912-12&period9
This clamping set is self-centering and ideal for really small shaft diameters&period     It transfers regular to huge torques
KLD-18   Interchange with BEA BK61&commaChiaravalli RCK61&comma7002 ECOLOC &commaGERWAH PSV2061&commaKTR105&commaKBS61&commaMAV 7903&commaSATI KLSS&comma Walther Flender MLC 5050&commaSKF FX350&commaOKBS61&commaDRIVELOCK61
EPT Clamping Device KLD-19
really large torque&comma self-centering&comma medium floor strain&comma no axial hub motion&comma machining tolerance shaft H8&comma hub H8&comma  socket head Locking screw DIN912-twelve&period9
This clamping set is self-centering with superb concentricity&period of time The really small outer diameter is space-saving and suited for modest wheel diameters&time period The spacer ring between the outer flange and the hub maintains the fitting placement in the axial route to enable precise positioning without having a shaft collar&time period
KLD-19 Interchange with Z12A&commaBIKON 1012&commaBEA BK11&commaBONFIX CCE9500&commaChallenge 19&commaChiaravalli RCK11&commaCONEX  F&comma7005 ECOLOC&commaFenlock FLK400&commaGERWAH PSV2005&commaITALBLOCK CN911&commaKTR400&commaKINLOK LOK40&commaKBS11&commaMAV 4061&commaPOGGI CAL-F&commaRFN7015&commaRingspann RLK400&commaRingblok 1800&commaSIT four&commaSATI KLEE&commaTOLLOK TLK400&commaTsubaki Advert&commaTAS3012&commaV-Blok VK112&commaWalther Flender MLC 4000&solMLC 7000&commaFenner Push B-Loc B112&commaLoveJoy SLD2600&commaSKF FX60&commaOKBS11&commaDRIVELOCK11
Locking System KLD-33 interchange with Z4&comma RFN7014

Locking Device KLD-34 interchange with  Z5&commaBIKON 1015&period0&sol1015&period1&comma 7009 ECOLOC&commaFenlock &commaGERWAH PSV2009&comma KTR401&commaMAV 1008&commaRFN7015&period0&commaRingspann RLK401&commaRingblok 1810&commaTOLLOK TLK451&commaTAS3015&period0&sol3015&period1&comma
Keyless Locking Gadget also call as below
1&period     Welle-Nabe-Verbindungen&semi
two&period     Wellenspannsaetze&comma
3&period     Spannsaetze&comma 
4&period     Taper Spannbuchsen&comma
5&period     Taper Lock&comma 
6&period     Keyless Locking Device&comma
seven&period     Keyless Locking  Assembly&comma
8&period     Keyless Shaft Locking System&comma
nine&period     Keyless Shaft Hub Locking Gadget&comma
ten&period  Keyless Bushings&comma
11&period  Keyless Shaft Hub Relationship&comma
12&period  Clamping Sleeve&comma
thirteen&period  Clamping Aspect&comma
fourteen&period  Clamping Collar&comma
fifteen&period  Clamping Bush&comma
sixteen&period  Clamping Units&comma
17&period  Clamping Established&comma
eighteen&period  Clamping Electrical power Lock&comma
19&period  Cone Clamping Aspect&comma
20&period  Shaft Clamping&comma
21&period  Shaft Fixing&comma
22&period  Shaft Fixing Cone Clamping Element&comma 
23&period  Conical clamping rings&comma 
24&period  Shaft Lock Clamping Element&comma
twenty five&period  Shaft Clamping Factor&comma
26&period  Shaft Clamping Collar&comma
27&period  Shaft Locking System&comma
28&period  Shaft Hub Connection&comma
29&period  Shaft Hub Locking Gadget&comma
30&period  Shaft Hub Locking Assembly&comma
31&period  Shaft Lock&comma
32&period  Silted Clamping Element&comma
33&period  Shaftlock Clamping Component&comma
34&period  Locking Assembly&comma
35&period  Locking Bushes&comma
36&period  Locking Rings&comma
37&period  Rigid Shaft Coupling&comma
38&period  Rigid Shaft Coupler&comma
39&period  Rigid Ring Block&comma
40&period  Ring Shaft Lock&comma 
forty one&period  Ringblock Locking Assemblies&comma
forty two&period  Gear Wheel Relationship&comma
43&period  Zinc Plated Locking Products&comma 
44&period  Nickel Plated Locking Assembly&comma
45&period  Mechanical Locking Gadget&comma 
forty six&period  Mechanical shaft lock&comma
47&period  Schrumpfscheibe&comma
forty eight&period   External Locking Assembly&comma
forty nine&period  Slender Hub Connection for Sprockets&comma
fifty&period  Shrink Disc&comma 
51&period  Brake Disc&comma 
fifty two&period  Shrink Disk&comma
53&period  Exterior Locking Assembly Mild Duty&comma 
54&period  Shrink Discs Common Obligation&comma 
fifty five&period  Shrink Disks Heavy Obligation&comma 
fifty six&period  Smart-Lock Schrumpfscheibe&comma 
57&period  Intelligent-Lock Shrink Disc&comma 
fifty eight&period  Bearing Adapter Sleeve&comma 
59&period  Lock Nut&comma
sixty&period  Electricity NUT&comma 
61&period  Power Link&comma 
sixty two&period  Shaft Self-Lock Ring Nut&comma 
63&period  Nickel Plated Locking Gadgets&comma  
64&period  Zinc Plated Locking products&comma 
65&period  Stainless Metal Locking Devices&time period

/ The use of first gear manufacturer’s (OEM) component figures or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our firm and the shown EPT parts contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or made by the OEM. /

Locking  China  in   Penza Russian Federation   drum gear coupling  price  Set  in   Dakar Senegal   falk 1035g20  near me  Bk11, Rck11, Klee, Tlk400, Bikon 1021 with top quality lowest price