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Location of Origin:Zhejiang, China
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DC motor

Output Electrical power:



80 collection





Safeguard Feature:

Completely Enclosed

AC Voltage:



IE three

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Rated voltage:

48/310 (V)

Rated energy:

.75 KW

Application scope:

equipment instrument, water pump, supporter, compressor, reducer

Supply Capacity

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one thousand Piece/Items for every Month

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Brushless dc motor is a normal electromechanical integration merchandise, which is composed of motor human body and driver.
Brushless motor refers to the motor without having brush and commutator (or collector ring), also acknowledged as the motor with out commutator.
As early as the 19th century when the motor was born, the functional motor is the brushless form, that is, ac squirrel cage asynchronous motor, this motor has been commonly used.
Nonetheless, asynchronous motor has several insurmountable defects, so that the motor technologies development is slow.
The transistor was born in the middle of very last century, so the brushless dc motor with brush and commutator replaced by transistor commutator came into becoming.
This new type of brushless motor is known as digital commutative dc motor, which overcomes the defects of the very first generation of brushless motor.

Generation Software

Constant load software

 mainly refers to the field that needs a specific speed but does not demand substantial pace precision, these kinds of as enthusiast, pump, blower and other apps, this kind of apps expense much less and are mainly open loop handle.

Variable load software

 mainly is the velocity demands to change in a specified assortment of applications, motor velocity attributes and dynamic reaction time characteristics have a higher demand from customers. These kinds of as house appliances, dryers and compressors are a excellent illustration, the automotive sector in the field of oil pump management, electrical controller, motor handle, such purposes of the technique cost is relatively greater.

Main Characteristics

one. Can exchange dc motor pace regulation, frequency converter + frequency conversion motor pace regulation, asynchronous motor + reducer velocity regulation
Brushless dc motor
Brushless dc motor (three items)
two. It has the advantages of conventional dc motor and removes the carbon brush and sliding ring structure
3, can work at minimal speed and higher power, can conserve the reducer push right big load
four. Tiny size, mild excess weight and fantastic work
5. Outstanding torque qualities, good center and reduced pace torque overall performance, big beginning torque and small starting recent
6, stepless velocity regulation, speed regulation selection, overload capability
seven, soft start off and delicate end, excellent braking attributes, can help save the first mechanical braking or electromagnetic braking device
eight. Large performance, the motor alone has no excitation decline and carbon brush decline, getting rid of multi-phase deceleration reduction, and the thorough electrical power conserving fee can attain twenty%~sixty%.
9. Large dependability, good security, strong adaptability, straightforward upkeep and repair
10, anti-turbulence vibration, reduced noise, small vibration, sleek operation, long existence
eleven, no spark, especially suitable for explosive spots, explosion-proof
12. Trapezoidal wave magnetic motor and sinusoidal wave magnetic motor are optional as required.

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