Basic Description
This energy unit characteristics a permanent magnet motor with a power up gravity down circuit. Activate the get started solenoid to start the motor to lift the machine. The lowing movement is activated from the solenoid valve with all the reducing pace managed by the pressure compensated movement manage valve. Items of this series is often extensively used in the marketplace of logistic units such as fork lift, mini lift table, and so on.
Special Notes
1. This energy unit is of S3 duty cycle, i.e.,non-continuous operation, thirty seconds on and 270 seconds off.
two. Clean each of the hydraulic parts concerned just before set up of the power unit.
three. Viscosity from the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which need to also be clean and free of charge of impurities. N46 hydraulic oil is encouraged.
4. This electrical power unit is created to be mounted vertically.
five. Check the oil degree from the tank after the very first star on the electrical power unit.
six. Oil changing is required right after the original a hundred operation hrs,afterwards after every 3000 hours.
7. More pump sizes and tank sizes are avaiable on request.