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A. Specifications
1. Stainless steel fermentor
2. All production capacity
3. Factory, lab, school, EPT are suitable

B. Main Description
Applicable to bacteria, Clostridium and Actinomycetes microorganisms, batch, fed-batch or continuous culure, Seven different sizes(5-50L, 10-100L, 20-200L, 30-300L, 50-500L, 100-1000L, 150-1500L)of water-jacketed stainless steel tank, Reserved a variety of accessories interface, Variety of options to meeting your different needs

Simple control interface and easy to understand, humanized operation platform, The optional desktop(separate) or operating platform type(one-piece)

2 gas mixed, meeting the needs of your microbial fermentation. PH and DO built-linkage control interface can be setting for your operating system quickly. 

Loading coefficient: 65-80%, 70% of the optimal

0-150ºC±0.5ºC, online testing, digital screen display, Auto/Manual control. Pt-100 temperature probe and digital temperature instrument. Though external thermostat circulating water to control the temperature automatically. 

Mechanical agitation driver at top or the Magnetic coupling stirrer drive at bottom, 0-1000 rpm stepless speed regulating PID control. Optional form of blades: Flat blade/ curved blade/arrow type blade/incline paddle blade disk turbine and so on
Glass rotameter, pressure gauge, manual valves regulate the flow. Two filter, first 0.3um, Second 0.01um

C. Main technical parameter
Fermentation Tank: 
1. Cylinder Overall size: H800 D400
2. Material: SUS304(1Cr18Ni9TI
3. Design pressure: P(inside)=0.3MPa P(jacket)=0.3MPa
4. Flat cover, elliptical bottom, jacket heating; The upper mouth with flame inoculation, mirrors the cap, insert needle feeding port, exhaust port, the discharge port, CIP cleaning Interface
5. All inside and outside adopt polish 0.4um, Visible polished welds, corner welds ground smooth transition, no surface defects, without the dead corner. 
5. The fermentation with PH, DO, temperature, Antifoam and The interface with high stand. 
Agitator system
1. Top stirring, mechanical seals, convenient and reliable, with Germany SEW helical gear AC geared motors, motor power 1.1KW
2. Stirring speed 50-300rpm, adopt the United States EMERSON; A data corresponding signal output, for data collection
3. Sipping leaves turbo agitator diameter Φ = 130mm, four baffle

D. Other models

Name of the equipment Performance requirements & technical specifications
Aeration system 1. Configure automatic balancing valve after the pressure of the air valve
2. Configure three air filter, 0.3um pre-filter, 0.01um total filtration, polished stainless steel outer shell, the nuclear eight filter cartridge
3.0.01um filter fine polished stainless steel outer shell, the nuclear eight filter cartridge
Temperature control system 1. Automatic PID control, transmitter
2. Temperature controller, four-digit display, measuring range: 0-150 ºC
3. Control range: 25-45 ºC, control accuracy ± 0.2 ºC, resolution 0.01 ºC
4. Pt100 electrode probe, temperature-controlled EPT heating, cooling water cooling Controls
5.10L heated water tanks a (public), Danish Grundfos circulating pump. 
6. The temperature control object: 100L fermenter, 10L heated water tanks

PH control system 

1. PH display controller, four-digit display
2. PH sensor (Switzerland METTLER)
3. Matching electrode wire and interface
4. Display range: 0.00-14.00; Control range: 2.00-12.00; Control accuracy: ± 0. 01pH
5. Automatic detection of PH value, the peristaltic pump (1) automatic flow control acid was added, the transmitter
6.1000ml bottle base 1

Feed system

1. Automatic PID setting control, the transmitter
2. Quantitative control feeding amount, the peristaltic pump (1 station) control
3. The cumulative display records

4.1000ml a feeding bottle (according to user specific feeding species may be ) with a respirator. 

CIP system Mainly by the alkali tank, lye tanks, water tanks, racks, cleaning fluid dispenser and sent centrifugal pumps and other components. 

Antifoam system

1. Automatic setting control, transmitters, automatic alarm
2. Anti-foaming electrode
3. Peristaltic pump (1 station) control, defoamers added cumulative record 4.1000ml defoamers show a bottle (according to user specific supplement depending on the type of material) with a respirator. 
Control system 1. Advanced masking control cabinet
2. EPT components, wires, cables, , etc. 

Pipeline valves

1. Piping, valves, fittings used in all 304 stainless steel, polished; 
2. No dead dedicated sampling valve
3. Air, steam road using welded shut-off valve
4. Water-controlled electromagnetic valve

E. Company introduction
After 20 years’ strive, JUNYU INDUSTRIAL now has become to a group company– JUNYU INDUSTRIAL GROUP, which always holds true to the design and manufacture for machinery, and keeps on growing and developing. Till now, its products have been exported to more than 200 countries and get good reputation. Today she serves customers in various fields: Foodstuff machinery, chemical industry, project contracting, technique service and other kind of product and equipment. 

F. Advantages of us
Our engineer: Free direct the installation and operation of the equipments and train operators for customer. 
Our machine: Safe and reliable, efficient and energy saving, easy operating. 
Our delivery: In time with English operating instruction program. 
Our after-sale service: Timely, professionally

G. We always hold that in the most familiar field
Hot contact:
Genyond Machinery Industial Group

The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed EPT parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.


Magnetic  China  in   Genoa Italy   lovejoy gear coupling  shop  Force  in   Leipzig Germany   flender gear coupling  price  Stirred Glass Fermentor Bioreactor with top quality lowest price