Escalator  China cricket pitch roller second hand	 in Belfast United Kingdom  Part Drive Chain Step Chain Conveyor Chain Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the biggest Chain and agricultural gearbox manufacturing facility in China with five distinct branches. For much more information: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Our merchandise assortment involves all types of helical gear, spur equipment, bevel equipment, equipment rack, worm gear, sprockets,chains, bearings, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes.Manufacturer EPG has set up a total established of quality management system which is supplied with superior inspection and examination products. & distributor of roller & wire rope stop chains. Types of chains incorporate alloy, higher tensile transport, large examination & evidence coil chains. Applications incorporate log chains, cargo lashings, pipe line handing, tailgates, guard rails & change chains. ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturer and distributor of roller chains. Varieties of roller chains contain ASME/ANSI common chains, attachment chains, corrosion resistant chains, lube-cost-free chains, plastic chains, totally free-movement chains, specialty chains and British normal chains. ASME/ANSI normal chains are obtainable in big and small pitch, double pitch and leaf variations. Roller chains are employed in foods packaging, forklift vehicles, oilfield drilling, motorcycles, conveyors and power transfer programs. Our Advantage:
1. Compact and value-effective
2. Rugged and reputable
3. Vitality conserving and environmental safety
four. Easy and tranquil
five. We give all the kinds of elevators and equipment and the individualized customization services.

Our Factory  have a full set of sophisticated production and processing equipment,as nicely as ideal testing devices, in practically 35 several years development course, our manufacturing unit entirely introduces the mo EPT advanced elevator control technologies in the planet to ensure the product technologies to be with the business-top amount.

Escalator Element Push Chain

Chain No.
Pin Dia
per meter
16A-2F 25.4 15.88 15.75 seven.92 24.thirteen 29.29 111.two 143 5.15
16B-2F twenty five.4 15.88 seventeen.02 eight.28 21.08 31.88 106 126.5 five.42
20A-2F 31.seventy five 19.05 18.9 nine.fifty three 30.eighteen 35.76 173.five 215.six seven.8
20B-2F 31.75 19.05 19.fifty eight 10.19 26.forty two 36.forty five one hundred seventy 210 7.2

              Escalator drive chain is using for generate the escalator to go upwards without having sliding down.The drive chain is typically inside the travel side plate.
              Escalator driving device primarily is made up of driving sprocket, cascade sprocket, handrail driving sprocket, primary shaft and brake wheel or ratchet wheel, and so forth.
              And it is put in in the leading device place on the escalator,which is the upper part of the roof that you take for the escalator.

Escalator reversing chain
Escalator Handrail Reversing chain in 17 backlinks,19 links,21 backlinks.

The principal element of escalator:
one.Carries technique
2.Driving program
3.Ladder technique
four.Safety technique
five.Electrical program

Our positive aspects:
Vitality saving–Efficient mainframe and conventional system and VVVF engineering.
Basic safety–Stainless steel stage,Rigorous made protection device and buffering program.

1.VVVF travel

two.Secure basic safety program

3. EPT working overall performance

four.Superior handle program(German technological innovation)

five.Relaxed and successful

6.Reduce sounds and power-conserving

Basic safety Characteristics

1.Deficiency of phase, mistake stage safety:
If absence of phase (moving-walk) will or eror phase has been checked out, the escalator routinely stop the operation.
two.Motor in excess of-Ioad security:
When the current exceeds 15% of the recent ranking, the escalator will automatically slop the procedure.
three.Electrical appliance loop protection:
It gives the computerized circuit disconnecting gadget to safeguard the circuit and mains factors of the escalator (shifting-stroll).
4.Handrail inlet security:
When some international material has been clipped in the handrail inlet. the  escalator (shifting-walk) will automatically slop the procedure.
five.Comb plate safety device:
When some foreign substance has been clipped in or among the combs.the escalator (moving-walk) will instantly cease the operation.
6.Step sagging defense unit:
When there is irregular phase bending, the escalator (relocating-walk) will end the operation ahead of the stage getting into into the comb plate
7.Broken drive-chain safety system:
When the travel-chain has been in excess of-stretched or it is damaged, the escalator (moving-stroll) will instantly cease the procedure
eight.Broken stage chain defense:
When the stage (plate) chain has been over-stretched or it is damaged, the escalator (transferring wander) will instantly slop the procedure.
nine.More than-velocity security:
When  there  is in excess of-pace to the escalator (transferring  walk),it will immediately cease the operation.
ten.Route reversal protection:
When it arrives the unintended reve  rsal of the course of travel, the escalator (relocating stroll) will instantly quit the procedure.
eleven.Stability line:
The yellow artificial resin protection line is situated in the entrance position and two sides of the escalator tread so that the passengers will not tread in-amongst the edge of the adjacent step and the team lengthened skirt panel.  The protection line on the two sides of the stage is larger than the tread surface area.   (The  moving-stroll  offers the  selective  yellow spray-palmed protection line.)


Firm Profile:             
1. Safe EPT (ZHangZhoug) is an elevator revenue support company that integrates client customization, sales, set up and upkeep, and import and export methods. It is exported to international locations all above the globe and is a branch of the outdoors of the export of Evergrande Fuji Elevator.
two. Our company Contain all the kind of elevators  : passenger elevators, freight elevators, sightseeing elevators, family villa elevators, healthcare elevators, vehicle elevators, stretcher elevators, escalators, relocating walkways, fireplace elevators, explosion-proof elevators, and so on.
three. According to the diverse demands of distinct consumers and the certain problems of the undertaking, the buyer is happy with the multi-stage and all-round elevator need, and the look is novel and fashion.
four. We have a stable maker accountable for the production of elevators and add-ons, and have 35 years of production expertise, high output, substantial good quality, and advanced technological help.
5.  EPT after-product sales support.

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Escalator  China cricket pitch roller second hand	 in Belfast United Kingdom  Part Drive Chain Step Chain Conveyor Chain Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price